3. ALEXANDER HAMILTON by Ron Chernow {{ERTB}}.mobi

Alexander Hamilton: by Jon Meacham | Summary & Highlights – NOT ORIGINAL BOOK This story of Alexander Hamilton details a true story of an American Revolutionary war hero that was a true founding father. Hamilton was born in disarray in the British West Indies. He escaped a life of meaninglessness and moved to New York as a teenager where he set his feet in political and military prowess. Over the years he worked with the greatest leaders in American history. He was the chief of staff to General Washington in the Revolutionary War and his Secretary of the Treasury in his two presidential terms.Hamilton was a man that deeply cared for his family and his duty. Even into his death he maintained a sense of responsibility future generations should take note of.Inside this SUMMARY READS Summary & Highlights of Alexander Hamilton: Summary of Each Chapter Best Quotes (Highlights) BONUS: Free Report about Vladimir Putin (find out about the mysterious deaths of his enemies -http://sixfigureteen.com/summaryreads).


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