Amazon EC2 Cookbook.pdf

Over 40 hands-on recipes to develop and deploy real-world applications using Amazon EC2
About This Book
Design and build applications using Amazon EC2 and a range of supporting AWS toolsFind highly effective solutions to your AWS Cloud-based application development, deployment, and infrastructural issuesA comprehensive set of recipes to implement your product’s functional and non-functional requirements
Who This Book Is For
This book is targeted at Cloud-based developers who have prior exposure to AWS concepts and features. Some experience in building small applications and creating some proof-of-concept applications is required.
What You Will Learn
Select and configure the right EC2 instancesCreate, configure, and secure a Virtual Private CloudCreate an AWS CloudFormation templateUse AWS Identity and Access Management to secure access to EC2 instancesConfigure auto-scaling groups using CloudWatchChoose and use the right data service such as SimpleDB and DynamoDB for your cloud applicationsAccess key AWS services using client tools and AWS SDKsDeploy AWS applications using Docker containers
In Detail
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides flexible and resizable compute capacity in the cloud. The main purpose of Amazon EC2 is to make web-scale cloud computing easier for the developers. It offers developers and companies the raw building blocks like load balancers, object stores and virtual machines running on general hardware (that is, Amazon runs a multitude of hardware components but presents them as a generic utility to its users) with accessible APIs in order to create scalable software products
This book covers designing, developing, and deploying scalable, highly available, and secure applications on the AWS platform. By following the steps in the recipes, you will be able to effectively and systematically resolve issues related to development, deployment, and infrastructure for enterprise-grade cloud applications or products.
This book starts with helping you choose and configure the right EC2 instances to meet your application-specific requirements. The book then moves on to creating a CloudFormation template and will teach you how to work with stacks. You will then be introduced to using IAM services to configure users, groups, roles, and multi-factor authentication. You will also learn how to connect AD to AWS IAM. Next, you will be using AWS data services and accessing other AWS services including Route 53, Amazon S3, and AWS SES (Amazon Simple Email Service). Finally, you will be deploying AWS applications using Docker containers.
Style and approach
This book contains a rich set of recipes that cover not only the full spectrum of real-world cloud application development using Amazon EC2, but also the services and security of the applications. The book contains easy-to-follow recipes with step-by-step instructions to leverage EC2 within your applications.


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